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You Know If You’re An Entrepreneur | Daniel Gefen | Episode 131

You Know If You're An Entrepreneur | Daniel Gefen | Episode 131
February 29, 2016

by Casey
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Daniel just loves life. He is a husband and Father to 3 little. I have always been driven to better myself and help others along my journey. He started a call answering service Jet Answering Services and virtual office business Jet Virtual Offices almost 7 years ago and fully automated it to bring in a residual income so he can focus his time on doing what he love most, like:

  • Hanging with my family
  • Playing tennis
  • Picking successful entrepreneurs’ brains on my podcast show

Some quick, interesting facts about Daniel’s journey so far:

  • He got kicked out on the streets of Los Angeles with his wife and son because I couldn’t pay the rent
  • He outsourced my entire business to one of my competitors
  • He ran his business out of a Hotel Lobby for a year

In this episode, Daniel shares quite a roller coaster startup dad journey!  He shares his start as a six-figure salaryman, to losing it all when the economy went bad, how he dusted himself off to build a successful business, throw in a couple of moves to live abroad and then finally doing all of this while being a successful husband and father. Here are some key points Daniel shares in this episode:

  • Getting back up, when life knocks you down
  • The importance of having a supportive spouse
  • You are an entrepreneur if:
    • you can’t work for anyone
    • you want to be creative
    • you want the freedom
  • The importance of researching your industry and testing your ideas
  • Learning to let go when things are not going the way you want it to
  • Why outsourcing can help your business
  • What makes a great partnership
  • Defining what you are good at
You know you are an entrepreneur when you just can’t work for anyone.Daniel Gefen
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The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What’s your secret sauce? God
  • What is one time management tool? Don’t check your email all day, get off of social media, produce something
  • How do you stand out above the noise: Communicate what people want and be genuine
  • What is a habit that attributes to your success as a Husband, Father, and Entrepreneur? Just be inspiring
  • Manage your health: I play tennis
  • Book every StartupDad should read from an Entrepreneur Perspective: The E-Myth
Resources & References Mentioned
Ideas are just ideas, they are not worth anything until you put them into action.Daniel Gefen


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