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The Startup Mom Who Connects Others | Jessica Rhodes | Episode 75

The Startup Mom Who Connects Others | Jessica Rhodes | Episode 75
September 17, 2015

The Startup Mom Who Connects Others | Jessica Rhodes | Episode 75

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Podcasting is a really powerful way for entrepreneurs to be connecting with their audience and building new business relationships.Jessica Rhodes

Expert Guest: Jessica Rhodes

Jessica is the founder and CEO of Interview Connections, the premier source for booking outstanding podcast guests. The Interview Connections team of Booking Agents works with podcasters to find and book guests for their shows. She is the host of Interview Connections TV, The Rhodes to Success podcast and she is the co-host of The Podcast Producers, a ten episode audio series about the art and business of podcasting.

 Expert Topic Summary

Jessica Rhodes is our startup MOM expert guest, who shares her journey to entrepreneurship as well as her expertise on podcasting and podcasting interviews. Here are some of the great key points Jessica drops on the startupdad community on building a successful podcast through interviews and guest:

  • Building a business with a balanced approach to parenting
  • The importance of working smarter and not harder
  • The future of podcasting and how it works for entrepreneurs
  • Success stories from podcast interviews
  • The importance of being in front of your niche audience through podcast interviews
  • The advantages of being a guest on a podcast
  • Links, links, and more links. The importance of linking people back to your website
  • Confidence is key to being featured as an expert on a podcast
  • Updating your online presence
  • Getting yourself booked by building relationships
  • How to prepare to be guest on a podcast
  • Finding a podcast that’s a good fit for your business
  • Podcast etiquette
  • Tips that you can do after your interview
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