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3 Ways Entrepreneur Parents Can Reclaim 2 Hours, Daily!

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1. Two Words: Compostable Plates – Savings: 40 min!

2. Shut Off _____(insert any mobile device) – Savings: 90 min!

3. Wake up Before They Do – Savings: Priceless!


Recently I conducted what is called a “Deep Dive Survey.” It’s the first of 4 types of survey’s recommend by Ryan Levesque’s, a fellow StartupDad who I interviewed in Episode 34, in his book ASK.

The primary goal of the survey is to take a deep dive into your audience to try to understand their #1 single biggest struggle with regards to “X.” In my case the survey was designed to understand the #1 most significant challenge of Entrepreneur Dads (aka StartupDads) with regards to starting a business, building a business and growing a business with a family.