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Starting with only $25 and Time | Gary Leland | Episode 116

Starting with only $25 and Time | Gary Leland | Episode 116
January 4, 2016

by Casey
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Gary jumped into the world of online marketing / business in 1996 when he built his first online store and by 2005 (9 years later) one of his websites was listed in “Time’s Magazine” list of 50 Coolest Websites. Today, Gary owns 25 websites, and two online magazines (Podertainment which was driven to create because of his love and passion for podcasting) and Fast Pitch Magazine which is pretty much the only place you need to go to learn anything and everything about softball. Gary and his wife Kathy have been married for 30 years and have two thriving daughters Lauren and Amanda.

Gary shares his journey and drops some key advice on building great businesses through successful websites, sustaining a successful marriage and raising a family. Here are some of the key points Gary shares in this episode:

  • Navigating through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and marriage by being honest with your spouse
  • How what you put in, is what you get, when it comes to your relationship with your children
  • Creating and building a sustainable business
    1. Seeing things like the “average Joe’s sees them
    2. Figuring out the way things should be done
    3. Using your past work experiences to work for you
    4. Adapting quickly to change
  • Learning how to master the use of time
  • Running a successful business by putting the time in
You have a lot of time on your hands, you can run a whole business and work for somebody.Gary Leland
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No Matter how successful you are, if you’re a failure at home you really aren’t a success.Gary Leland

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