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December 25, 2014


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A Startup Dad Story: Meet Richard

The Journey of a corporate/working dad how is discovering that “job security” is a thing of the past, his life is his job, his kids are growing up and he is missing it and he never pursued his dream of starting his own business / of building his legacy!

About Startup Dad Headquarters Podcast: StartupDadHQ is a podcast focused on the importance of fatherhood and entrepreneurship. Our mission is to help extraordinary fathers figure out how to purse their dreams of entrepreneurship and build a legacy for their children.

So if you’re a dad trying to figure it all out and an Entrepreneur, Solopreneur, Small Business Owner or Wantreprenur looking for inspiration + motivation + step by step how to + ACTIONABLE advice Startup Dad Headquarters is the podcast for you.

StartupDadHQ hosted by Joel Louis delivers a consistent 3-days a week (soon to be 5-days) interview program. Each episode, Mon-Wed-Fri, takes us through the journey of our guest as he shares his failures, bumps and bruises, and eventual rise to success as he navigates through the complexities of Fatherhood, Entrepreneurship and Life.

The episodes are divided into 4 Segments |

Segment 1: Family First – We make a connection between you and our guest |

Segment 2: E! True Startup Dad Story – We dive deep into the early stages/behind the scenes of our guests entrepreneur journey |

Segment 3: Real Dads Real talk – We asked the tough question (i.e. failure/fear/quitting, private health insurance, etc…) |

Segment 4: Handy Man Toolbox – We ask our guest to provide you with tools to help you along your journey.

Lastly we end with our most powerful question designed to “Inspire You Beyond” the episode.

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