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Start Your Business Today! There Will Never Be A Perfect Time | Brian Shea | Episode 3

Start Your Business Today! There Will Never Be A Perfect Time | Brian Shea | Episode 3
December 25, 2014

Brian Shea | Startup Dad Headquarters Podcast

Start Your Business Today! There Will Never Be A Perfect Time | Brian Shea | Episode 3

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 I realized it never ends, there is never going to be a point where this is the perfect time to do what you want to do, there is always a reason not to do it. Brian Shea
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Brian Shea | Startup Dad Headquarters Podcast

Building A Consulting Business w/ a Newborn


The Startup Dad Journey of Brian Shea


Brian Shea is a management consultant and the founder of Shea Consulting LLC, a Boston-based consulting company that helps technology organizations collaborate with their business partners. Since the early 2000s Brian has helped companies collaborate, define software requirements and deliver successful projects that address real business needs. He has worked with a range of organizations, from multinational firms like State Street Global Advisors and Iron Mountain and large non-profits to companies that are just starting out.

Today, he focuses on helping technology organizations to build effective requirements practices, strong communication and analysis skills among employees, and effective strategic projects.

Connect with people that have already started their own businessBrian Shea
Family First:
  • Review family fun photo (image above)
  • Balancing family and business by putting boundaries between time allotted for business and time allotted for home. Respecting the time with your family and valuing that time.
Along This Journey We Discuss:
  • I wanted to start my own business years ago. Throughout my career I did some consulting and freelancing
  • The catalyst that inspired his leap I was inspired by my daughter being born. I wanted to inspire my daughter in a way I knew I wouldn’t be able to do at a job
  • My wife is so supportive, I laid out what I wanted to do in a clear way and made sure we were in agreement
  • I made a calculated risk to leave my job and took a consulting opportunity
  • I started connecting with more and more people who were starting their own business and it made it more realistic
  • I had to get comfortable with uncertainty. I was learning new stuff as I was going along.
  • It’s not about being locked in into a business. It’s being able to change and adapt.
If you’re not failing you’re not doing muchBrian Shea
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Real Dads, Real Talk:


  • Failure, Doubt or Fear: If you’re not failing you’re not doing much. It is great to experience, you’re in it and you can figure it out.
The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools


  • What is one time management tip? Keep systems simple and maintain a boundary between work and home
  • Personal habits that attributes to your success as a Entrepreneur? Connecting with other Entrepreneurs
  • Book every startup dad should read: Seth Godin’s Blog and Duct Tape Marketing Blog
Resources & References Mentioned
Quotables by Brian Shea
  • “There will never be the right time”
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

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Video (Uncut/Unedited)

I’m not only the founder of Startup Dad Headquarters. I’m also a client – Follow along my journey as I progress and improve my skills both in interviewing: asking the right questions, extracting the tips, tactics and tools used by successful entrepreneur dads and in video production. This one is a little painful to watch but full of massive value 😉






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