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Start! 15min a Day to Work Your Hustle | Matthew Anderson | Episode 57

Start! 15min a Day to Work Your Hustle | Matthew Anderson | Episode 57
July 7, 2015

Side Hustle: Courage Under Fire!

Start! 15min a Day to Work Your Hustle | Matthew Anderson | Episode 57

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The better you are in the home with a  supportive family, the better you will be in life in general.Matthew Anderson
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Side Hustle: Courage Under Fire!

Side Hustle: Courage Under Fire!

The Startup Dad Journey Matthew Anderson

In addition to being a father of two kids both under the age of two, Matt is a devoted husband, entrepreneur, and full time head of audio for a local theater in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Matt is currently building an audio, video, and lighting consulting company called 314 AV Consulting focusing on helping clients to get the most out of their a/v systems, and helping train their a/v teams.

Sometimes we have to do things that go beyond safe. Matthew Anderson
Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

Matthew Anderson is ‘side hustle’ startup dad who shares his journey with us on how he juggles being a husband, father, a job and building a business where he helps business where they are with what they have.

Matthew starts off by telling us how he came into his love of Audio/Visual systems as a kid as well as how this love grew into a career and now into a business.  He also shares how it has made him a better husband and father; how courage grows over time; making connections outside of social media; and his vision for taking the leap.

The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What is one time management tool?
    1. Digital and Paper Calendar
  • What is one way you focus: Leave the house
  • Book every StartupDad should read: Do Over
Resources & References Mentioned

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