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Russ Ruffino

Russ Ruffino
April 11, 2016

by Casey
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Russ Rufino is startup dad entrepreneur who shares his journey from a bartender who wanted to be an actor to presently, only working 20-30 hours a week on his successful business.  Here are some of the key points Russ shares in this episode:

  • How starting your own business can lead to other opportunities, not only for yourself, but for your entire family
  • Balancing life being a new dad, a husband, and an entrepreneur
  • Building a company that basically runs itself to spend more time with your family
  • Breaking down misconceptions by changing the way you think
  • Using what you have learned to help you in your business
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Generating income online
  • Creating an atmosphere where you have no choice but to work your business out
  • How to make “The 4 hour Work Week” work for you
  • Steps on how to take action:
    • Meet other peoples need
    • Solve the problem
    • Create the solution
    • Figure out how to sell it online
    • Hire people that will get you the results you want
  • Investing in yourself to invest in your business
  • Creating a business with your skill-sets
  • Creating a solution that works
  • The definition of premium pricing
  • How to build a successful team

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Success is meaningless unless you have people to share it with, and that’s your family.Russ Rufino
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The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What’s your secret sauce? Empathy
  • What is one time management tool? Set very tight deadlines
  • How do you stand out above the noise: Empathy, stop talking about yourself, and start talking about the problems you solve
  • What is a habit that attributes to your success as a Husband, Father and Entrepreneur? Spend time everyday visualizing the life I want
  • Manage Health? I work out, nutritionist and trainer
  • Book every StartupDad should read from an Entrepreneur Perspective: How to Get Rich
Resources & References Mentioned

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If you want to create this extraordinary life, you’ve got to pay the price, you have to find a way to learn what you need to learn.Ruff Rufino

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