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Running Towards Your Passion | Ben Fanning | Episode 38

Running Towards Your Passion | Ben Fanning | Episode 38
March 9, 2015

Helping You To Create The Job You Love!

Running Towards Your Passion | Ben Fanning | Episode 38

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Being a Dad, is a chance to be a better man.Ben Fanning
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Video (Uncut/Unedited)

The Startup Dad Journey of Ben Fanning

“If you’re someone who is facing a lot of frustration in your job and really considering the entrepreneur path… Instead of just quitting your job because you’re frustrated, what if you actually considered… running towards something you’re really truly excited about doing.” Ben Fanning

Ben Fanning is Chief Burnout Officer and the world’s leading authority on creating the job you love.  He helps professionals create the job they love without quitting, while continuing to work in a Fortune 50 company, keeping his finger on the pulse of the challenges of within organizations.

 Ben is also author of The Quit Alternative: The Blueprint for Creating the Job You Love¦without quitting. 

As an entrepreneur sometimes if feels like things are going a little slower because you are a Dad and have less time to dedicate, but you get to spend time with your family.Ben Fanning

Family First:
  • Review family fun photo (image above) –  A wife and four year old daughter
  • Balancing family and business by: One of the ways I approach this is instead of thinking about balance, I like to approach it as work/life integration. Thinking of it as a puzzle and find a way to fit them together.
  • What does Fatherhood mean to you: A lot of things, but one thing is gratitude. It’s a chance to learn something new and model behavior I would like to see her replicate.
  • Household Chore: Love to cook!
Along This Journey We Discuss:
  • It started for me when I was working in corporate. What I found was I was running out of time.
  • I started using technology more to keep up with the demand of having clients inside and outside my company.
  • The catalyst that inspired his leap: After suffering through a burn-out, working harder than ever, and then if felt so unfulfilling. I wanted to do something that I really was excited about it.
  • Someone made the suggestion to start blogging. I wasn’t sure if my company would be OK with it,so I blogged under a secret identity.
  • Right around that time, my daughter was born and I started blogging full force.
  • What I discovered was that I was really passionate about what I was doing, so I was able to find the energy that I needed.
Take out a post it note and write down why you are working? Then, put that post it right near your computer.Ben Fanning
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Real Dads, Real Talk:
  • Failure, Doubt and Fear: Am I doing this right? Am I going to end up on a show like Jerry Springer one day?
  • Biggest failure you learned on your journey? My greatest failure as a parent is not relaxing and enjoying the moment with them more! It so easy to get caught up in imperfections. You start to lose the essence of fun.
  • If you had the opportunity, would you do it all over again? Yes, but I would say enjoy, make a mess, and color outside the lines.
  • Do you ever plan on leaving your corporate job? Maybe. I have been able to create the job I love, and I am able to make an impact with the company, it is working out really well.
The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What is one time management tool? Evernote
  • What attributes your success as an Entrepreneur, Father, and Husband: to have a coach. No one can give you unbiased feedback like a third party.
  • Manage Health: Personal Trainer
  • Book every startup dad should read: Money, Mastering the Game
Resources & References Mentioned
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

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Running Towards Your Passion | Ben Fanning | Episode 38


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  • Kofstradamus
    March 16, 2015

    This was a fantastic episode. Joel, your questions are thoughtful and on point. Ben’s insights were spot on for me, as my daughter just turned a month old today, and I also feel my professional journey parallels my journey as a father.

    • May 14, 2015

      Hey, Hey Kofstradamus. Thank you for dropping a comment. You know I never check if I have comments on my posts. Obviously a rookie mistake as now I see I have quite a few for different episodes. Congrats and welcome to Daddy Life. It’s a wild ride but it’s so amazing. I have 3 girls (6,4 & 2 years old) so you know my life is all nutz… Ben was an awesome guest!

      If you don’t mind me asking how did you come across the podcast?

      Have a great weekend.




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