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My battle with perfection as an Entrepreneur Dad

My battle with perfection as an Entrepreneur Dad
August 9, 2014

My battle with perfection as an Entrepreneur Dad

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My Journey: Perfection

Hey my Startup Dads,
It’s 8am EST, just wrapped up my 9 – 5 or in my case my 7pm to 7am and I wanted to share this quick video with you all. Nothing fancy here: I’m come to you raw, uncut and a little fatigued to share with you what’s been going on behind the scenes of StartupDadHQ. More specifically, I talk about my constant battle with perfection and how it has prevented me from achieving my initial goal of sharing, with you, the Journey of building Startup Dad Headquarters from the ground up.

Dropping The Ball:
On April 2nd (my 38th Birthday) I announced the soft launch of Startup Dad Headquarters on YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and on my website and I vowed that I would bring you all along the journey from the soft launch to the full launch on Father’s Day June 15th. But shortly after that announcement, literally that week, I fell back to my standard modus operandi and allowed my need for perfection to take over. So in between the soft launch and full launch I was getting STUFF done. Just to name a few things (no particular order):

  • I worked on the website
  • Purchased all the professional equipment that I would need to launch the interview show (i.e. mic, mixer, lighting, software, etc…)
  • I had 3 awesome intros and 1 outro created for the show
  • by Tim Paige

  • Spent countless hours learning the audio software (adobe audition) and video software (wirecasts)
  • Created email templates for everything (i.e. guest invite, guest instructions, pre and post interview messages, etc…)
  • I purchased and created my online scheduling system
  • Built the StartupDadHQ community to 500+ members/fans
  • Recently was interviewed on another podcast to discuss StartupDadHQ
  • The list goes on…

A Single Step Each Day:
So as you can see I’ve been kicking butt! and making some serious progress but it has all been behind the scenes and in a silo which does not support my overall vision of “inspiring 1 small business launch every single day – by Father’s everywhere.”

Two days ago I was talking to my good buddy Mike Ambassador Bruny – a new Startup Dad – and he said to me, “as you’re working on perfection I’m over here struggling as a Startup Dad.” Well not in those exact words but it surely registered in my head that way. Every day I spending tweaking each KNOB to perfection is another day not helping you move forward.

So What’s Next:

  • No more tweaking! Time to launch the 5 days/week interview show, like my good buddy Mike likes to say, “take action from where you are with what you have.”
  • Short weekly updates of my progress, next steps and Q&A sessions.
  • Free! 30 minute one on one chat sessions to help you take that next step. Schedule HERE!

What’s holding you back from creating the work or releasing it to the world today? Leave your answer below in comment section.

Thank You

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