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Moments Matter: Growth From A Tragic Experience | Dave Sanderson | Episode 80

Moments Matter: Growth From A Tragic Experience | Dave Sanderson | Episode 80
September 28, 2015

Moments Matter: Growth From A Tragic Experience | Dave Sanderson | Episode 80

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If you do the right thing, God will take care of you.Dave Sanderson


The Startup Dad Journey Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson is the Managing Partner of his firm, Dave Sanderson Speaks Enterprises. On January 15, 2009, Dave was the last person off the plane that crashed into the Hudson River, best known as The Miracle on the Hudson. Dave is currently working on his next book to be released titled Moments Matter, in which he discusses how by employing 12 key resources was a main factor that turned a potential tragedy into the Miracle on the Hudson and how does one take a potentially tragic experience and turn it into an opportunity to grow and contribute. He and his wife, Terri, reside in Charlotte, NC. They have four children, Chelsey, Colleen, Courtney and Chance.

You have to combine passion and persistence, you can’t give up. Dave Sanderson
Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

Dave Sanderson is a startup dad who shares his life changing journey with the startup dad community. From climbing the corporate ladder to his near death experience during the “Miracle on the Hudson.” Dave shares what he learned about himself, his family, and his business, after the miracle. Here are some of the key points he touches on this episode:

  • Fatherhood before and after the plane crash
  • The importance of slowing down and being there for your family
  • Finding that defining line between home and office
  • How the “miracle on the Hudson,” changed his life
  • The importance of getting the right people around you and getting systems in place
  • Journey through private health insurance
The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What’s your secret sauce? Focus
  • How do you stand out above the noise? Be authentic
  • What is one time management tool? Chucking – Focus on the outcomes
  • Personal Habit that attributes to your success – taking the time to do the right thing with the person I am with at that moment
  • Manage Health: I work out before I do anything in the morning
  • Book every StartupDad should read from a Fatherhood and Entrepreneur Perspective: The Fourth Turning
Resources & References Mentioned
  • Dave Sanderson Speaks – Contact Dave!
  • Dave Sanderson – LinkedIn
  • The Fourth Turning – By William Strauss and Neil Howe

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