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Elite StartupDad Interview Flow

Startup Dad Headquarters Interview Flow

Important: This is an Audio Only Interview via Google Hangout (not skype). 10-15 minutes before our scheduled time you will receive the Google Hangout Link via email. I will use the email provided in the scheduling form.


I am absolutely thrilled and honored that you will be joining us on Startup Dad Headquarters a three days a week podcast. After conducting 70+ interviews over the past 10 months I have had my fair share of mistakes, failures, a few pivots and of course success. One of my biggest discoveries, along this podcast journey, and the one that took me the longest to learn and be comfortable with is that my listeners want an authentic conversation not a scripted, structured format. So after 70+ episodes I have thrown out my “structured questions” except for the final 8 minutes of the show (see below).

Here’s the thing… We don’t need it. This show is about Fatherhood and Entrepreneurship which are two things I, and I’m sure you as well, can talk about for hours. Right? So lets just have a conversation. 😉

I know your Fatherhood + Entrepreneur Journey will not only add VALUE but will also truly INSPIRE the StartupDad community . But just to be sure that you are as prepared as possible, completely comfortable, and to ensure you that this is a well produced show (not random) here are a few things to think about and be prepared to share a story on. Again, keep in mind these are not specific question.

  1. Your relationship with your dad (good, bad, ugly).
  2. Your fears of becoming a father.
  3. Your struggle with trying to be an awesome dad.
  4. Your relationship with Entrepreneurship.
  5. Your Entrepreneur Start (take us back to where it all began).
  6. How you decided it was time to go for it!
  7. Any specific conversation or approach you used to win your spouse over (get her on board).
  8. Any specific story around failure and overcoming as Father and Entrepreneur.
  9. Why are you doing what you are doing.
  10. How did you know this was the path you were meant to travel.
To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.Unknown

Here at Startup Dad Headquarters we strongly believe that in order for one to be inspired by another they must first be able to establish an emotional connection and what better way to do so but through sharing of Real Life Stories. It also makes for an awesome interview 😉

Interview Flow

Intro (50 words or less Bio):

Segment 1: Family First | Fatherhood

  • “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” Unknown

Segment 2: E! True Startup Dad Journey | Entrepreneurship

  • “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao Tzu


Rapid Fire Handyman Segment: Give us your most valuable tips and tools… 5 minutes

**This is where we quickly reach into your toolbox and you provide the StartupDadHQ community with some really useful tips, tactics & tools.

  1. What’s your number one time management tip or tool?
  2. In one word…What would you say is your secret sauce or your Super Power?
  3. Obscurity: How do you stand out above the noise?
  4. What’s one personal habit that you believe attributes to your success as a father, husband and entrepreneur?
  5. How do you manage your health?
  6. What’s one book every Startup Dad should read both from an Fatherhood & Entrepreneurship perspective.

The Closer (Inspiring Beyond): The wrap-up… 2 minutes

  • On the other side of this broadcast is a StartupDad, who at this point is fired up and ready to go but as soon as the broadcast is over he will put down his mobile device and life is going to happen and by next week he will find himself right back in the day to day minutia of things. What would you say to that dad to inspire him beyond this broadcast?

Inspiring one small business launch every day, by fathers everywhere!

Important: This is an Audio Only Interview via Google Hangout (not skype). 10-15 minutes before our scheduled time you will receive the Google Hangout Link via email. I will use the email provided in the scheduling form.

Recording: By participating in the StartupDadHQ.com interview, you agree to allow Startup Dad Headquarters, LLC to record, distribute, and disseminate the broadcast/podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow Startup Dad Headquarters, LLC to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution.

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