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I Had To First Believe In Myself | James Lopez | Episode 25

I Had To First Believe In Myself | James Lopez | Episode 25
January 2, 2015

Presence Over Presents

I Had To First Believe In Myself | James Lopez | Episode 25

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The first step was believing that I would survive.James Lopez
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The Startup Dad Journey of James Lopez

James is a father of 2 boys, has worked in tech for over 13 years and is the cofounder of the Phat Startup; an integrated media company that produces premium content for all levels of entrepreneurs. He believes in #presenceoverpresents and if he is not doing something technology related he is with his kids creating ever lasting memories. 

If you really, really want it, you will make time for itJames Lopez


Family First:
Presence Over Presents

Presence Over Presents

  • Review family fun photo (image above) –  Wife and two sons eight and two
  • Balancing family and business by: It’s hard, I think you are always in search of that balance. So, I try to find hours to focus on things I need to do.
  • What does fatherhood mean to you:
Along This Journey We Discuss:
  • The first time I started threatening to quit, I had a number of job opportunities offering a better salary
  • The summer before I quit, I read the books Crush It and Escape Cubicle Nation. That book set me off, and it still took me a whole year to quit. I wanted to save enough money and build myself up mentally with the books I was reading.
  • The funny thing is the books didn’t prepare me, the hands-on work I did prepared me
  • My initial step started out about a month before I quit my job. I was the support guy, assisting with network issues and network security.
  • The catalyst that inspired his leap: The Corporate job. I wanted more, but I got denied even though I was the best man for the job.
  • I quit my job and started thinking about the projects I needed to do and was overwhelmed. So, the first year I was doing meetups and conferences.
  • I went to a Startup weekend and the rest was history.
Focus on what you learned, and then execute on that task.James Lopez
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Real Dads, Real Talk:
  • Failure, Doubt or Fear: The biggest fear was losing my family once I failed at my first business. After that happened, I did speak with my wife and she encouraged me; she expressed that she had my back.
  • Hardest personal sacrifice: Was definitely the money. The opportunity cost.
  • Private Health Insurance: Switched health insurance to wife’s plan who is a teacher.
The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What is one time management tool? Turn off the internet. Do not fall for email’s.
  • Personal habits that attributes to your success as a Father, Husband and Entrepreneur? Showing up and embracing the job at hand. If my kids need me, I am there.
  • Book every startup dad should read: The Lean Startup
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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step – Lao Tzu

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