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Father and Son Adventures on YouTube! | Patrick South | Episode 86

Father and Son Adventures on YouTube! | Patrick South | Episode 86
October 12, 2015

Father and Son Adventures on YouTube! | Patrick South | Episode 86

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Plant a sustainable seed in fertile soil.Patrick South

The Startup Dad Journey Patrick South
It is so important for people to know that want to have success, it is about your intentions, seeing your true intentions and focusing on what you really, really want. Patrick South
Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

Patrick South is a ‘leaper’ startup dad who shares his journey from a nine to five job to leaving everything behind to focus on his family. He also discusses how a hobby eventually became his business. He also shares the story behind his leap and how he successfully grew a business that is now replacing his income. Patrick also shares that not only is his business growing, but also his family, as he and his wife are expecting baby number two.  Here are a couple of other key points Patrick shares in this episode.

  • His definition of family-preneurship: Starting something that we were all going to do together, whether we were going to make money or not
  • How instrumental his wife is to his success
  • How playing with his son led to his business
  • Focusing on a target audience and creating a sustainable income
  • Struggling with promoting his show and at the same time encouraging creativity away from technology
  • Creating a balanced perspective as a startup dad growing your business to also spending time with your family
  • Steps to creating a YouTube business
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