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Failure Therapy: Never Failing Again | Kevin Caldwell | Hustle Episode 62

Failure Therapy: Never Failing Again | Kevin Caldwell | Hustle Episode 62
July 13, 2015

Motivation and Persistence

Failure Therapy: Never Failing Again | Kevin Caldwell | Hustle Episode 62

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You don’t find greatness in your comfort zoneKevin Caldwell
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Motivation and Persistence

Motivation and Persistence

The Startup Dad Journey Kevin Caldwell

Kevin is one of America’s leading personal achievement and performance experts. Whether keynote speaking, facilitating mastermind groups, workshops or coaching clients, audience members from America to Australia report that Kevin’s high energy, refreshing and original presentations exceed their expectations. Through his passion for excellence and innovative approach to life he has garnered many rewarding experiences, but Kevin’s most passionate pursuit is to be the best father he can be to his amazing gift from God, his daughter, Imani.

Overall success can’t truly be enjoyed if you can’t enjoy it with the people in your household. Kevin Caldwell
Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

Kevin Caldwell is a ‘side hustle’ startup dad who’s found his purpose and is ready to share it with the world. He stops to talk to us about the love he has for his 8-year-old daughter Imani, his business and how he aims to take the leap and what it may look like when he does.

 Kevin also expounds on his journey to entrepreneurship; how he manages business, fatherhood and his 9 to 5; his love for writing books; his passion in coaching; the process it took to defining who he is; and starting the process to finding your purpose by:
  • Analyzing your passions
  • Focusing on that thing that makes you come alive
The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What is one time management tool?
    1. Taking a break every 45mins
  • One way you stay focused?
    1. Meditate and Pray
  • Book every StartupDad should read on Business: Richest Man in Babylon & Think and Grow Rich
  • Book every StartupDad should read on Fatherhood/Family: The Book of Proverbs
Resources & References Mentioned

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