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Corporate Attorney Turned Entrepreneur (Brick & Mortar) | Stephen Furnari | Elite Episode 49

Corporate Attorney Turned Entrepreneur (Brick & Mortar) | Stephen Furnari | Elite Episode 49
June 24, 2015

Helping Attorneys Launch and Grow Successful Law Practices!

Corporate Attorney Turned Entrepreneur (Brick & Mortar) | Stephen Furnari | Elite Episode 49

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One of the best things about taking the leap the first time, once you do it…you will never be afraid to do it again.Stephen Furnari
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The Startup Dad Journey Stephen Furnari

Stephen Furnari is a corporate attorney and the founder of Law Firm Suites, an operator of executive suites for law firms, currently with two locations in New York City. Through its unique peer-based community, Law Firm Suites, has helped dozens of attorneys launch and grow successful law practices, and generates approximately $3 million in legal business for its attorney clients every year.

You definitely need to be disciplined about separating your business time and your family time. It’s one thing to be physically there, you have to be mentally there. Stephen Furnari
Real Dads / Real Talk: Summary

Stephen Furnari is an ‘Elite’ Startup Dad, who shares his 15 year journey as a corporate attorney who took the “leap” and is now a successful entrepreneur; who generates approximately 3 million in legal business for their attorney clients! But, that’s not all, Stephen is a husband and a father to three girls who are all under the age of seven.  And on top of all that, he manages a staff of six.

This Elite Startup Dad expounds on what it means to be a Dad that’s present; taking the leap from his ‘side-hustle’ after being hit hard during an economic recession; the growth of his brick and mortar business; how in three years he was able to replace his salary, and a business owner making sure he is doing the right things.

The HandyMan Segment: Tips | Tactics | Tools
  • What is one time management tool?
    1. Asana – allows you to assign task
  • Personal Habit that attributes to your success? Trustworthiness, building relationships.
  • Manage Health: It’s struggle, but I try to eat gluten free and I also try to surf two to three times of week
  • Book every StartupDad should read: The E-Myth Revisited
  • Book every StartupDad should read regarding Fatherhood/Family: My wife has taken on that responsibility
Resources & References Mentioned

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