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If I Didn't Have Kids, I would Start My Own Business

If I Didn’t Have Kids, I Would Start My Own Business

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Today, I cheated! My wife typically works two day’s week from 7am – 7pm and on those day’s I take care of our 3 girls with no assistance.

But today, I had to cheat, I asked the nanny to come in to watch the girls for a few hours so that I could focus on writing this post and work on the final touches on the brand new website.

I’m in the home office though, which means I’m not 100% interruption FREE. The girls know that I’m here and can, literally, see me.

My office light is off so that gives me a little stealth mode action. 😉

So would you say I cheated? Weigh in below.

Ok, on to today’s post.

The Catalyst.