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Built to Sell and The Automatic Customer | John Warrillow | Episode 84

Built to Sell and The Automatic Customer | John Warrillow | Episode 84
October 7, 2015

Built to Sell and The Automatic Customer | John Warrillow | Episode 84

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For your company to be valuable, it needs to operate successfully without you.John Warrillow

The Startup Dad Journey John Warrillow

John Warrillow is our expert guest who shares some history behind his startup dad journey, but he also shares expert advice on the importance of putting systems in place to run a valuable business. Here are some of the key points shared in this episode:

  • The first goal to create a business that can thrive without you, is to identify a product or service that can be teachable to your employees, repeatable and valuable.
  • Look at the products you sell and rate those that are teachable, repeatable, and valuable. The ones that score the highest has the best potential to sale.
  • The most valuable companies sell a few products to lots of customers.
  • Some of the best ways to teach your employees:
    1. Make it clear: Employees thrive when the expectations are clear.
    2. Write it down.
    3. Create a software.
  • Identifying your products and ensuring it is valuable to your customer.
  • Finding a recurring revenue source.
  • Finding and using a subscription model that works for you.
  • Providing specific proof points to your marketing.
  • Lastly, John shares five of his eight unique drivers of a valuable company
    1. Financial performance – revenue
    2. Growth potential
    3. Your company needs to be independent
    4. Making sure there is a high proportion of recurring revenue
    5. Having systems and employees to drive revenue besides the entrepreneur
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