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Brand New Father, Brand New Venture | Tanel Jappinen | Episode 134

Brand New Father, Brand New Venture | Tanel Jappinen | Episode 134
March 21, 2016

by Casey
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Tanel Jappinen (TJ) is 31 years old former sales manager and salesman. Originally from Estonia, Europe. He worked 11 years for the US-based corporation and built $1M+ sales organization before leaving that job in Oct’15 to stay home and build his online platform.

TJ is an entrepreneur dad who shares his journey on fatherhood as well as his recent leap into full-time entrepreneurship.  He also shares why he decided to take the leap and what he has learned so far.  Here are some of the key points Tanel shares in this episode:

  • How putting your family first can provide the clarity you need to taking the leap
  • How sales and entrepreneurship can go hand in hand
  • Having a financial cushion before taking the leap
  • The importance of a supportive spouse
  • Building a business based on fatherhood
  • Managing your time on your business and your home life
  • Managing tasks
  • Monitoring expenses, investing in self-education and spending wisely
Becoming a dad was a very influential experience, it completely changed my priorities in life.Tanel J
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