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3 days until StartupDadHQ podcast launch! Doubts and fears…

3 days until StartupDadHQ podcast launch! Doubts and fears...
October 19, 2014

3 days until StartupDadHQ podcast launch! Doubts and fears…

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Stop waiting! For the right [fill in the blank]
It’s 3 days until StartupDadHQ podcast launch! and I don’t feel ready at all.

I’ve already pushed this bad boy out a full week and still don’t feel ready.

Here’s the question though… wait for it! will I ever feel 100% ready or even 80% ready?

Knowing me and my need for perfection most likely not and I’m sure many of you feel the same way. You’re either waiting for the right time, the right amount of money or savings or until the kids are older, etc…

Well let me help you out. You will be waiting forever. There will never be a time when everything is perfectly lined up and in your favor.

So when should you start?

The perfect time is right now, the right day is today. Don’t wait another second. Write down the first 3 things “you think” you need to do (hint: it should not include getting a domain name, website, business cards or spending a dime).

NOTE: I said write down what “you think” you have to do. I’m stressing that because there’s no way of knowing exactly what to do first. But you do know that doing nothing will get you no where.

So you have to take action today: right now! have faith and adjust as you go.

Be Blessed, Be Great, Be You!

P.S. I’m here if you need me: joel@startupdadhq.com
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Hey, can you support the launch!

Can you support spreading the word about the podcast launch (takes less than 2 minutes). As of this post over 59,000 people will be notified about the launch. I need your support today! to meet the goal of reaching 250,000 on October 25th.

To support head over to our free campaign: HERE and support with either your Facebook, Twitter and/or Tumblr account.

Thank you

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